Trust our experts to be by your side when an emergency strikes!

Although nobody plans on dealing with the remnants of a natural disaster, having a qualified professional by your side after the storm can be a lifesaver. When you emerge from your home to see the devastation caused, call the professionals at Junior Loye Tree Services for emergency tree removal.

When there is a tree on your roof or a limb in the middle of your parking lot, you’ll find emergency tree removal experts at Junior Loye Tree Services. We
have been helping Reidsville, NC, residents and business owner get through natural disasters and other emergencies by providing exceptional tree removal services.


Has the End of Your Tree Left You Stumped?

Now that your problem tree has been safely removed, don’t leave behind that ugly stump. With more than four decades of experience, Junior Loye Tree Services is home to the experts you need to get rid of the protrusion at your home or business.

Aside from appearance issues, you should have that stump removed because it:
  • Can be hazardous
  • Causes new tree growth
  • Promotes bug infestations
  • Takes up yard space


Need Help Maintaining Your Reidsville, NC, Property?

Do the trees on your residential property look unhealthy and tired? Are you worried your landscape is driving away customers? If you’re unhappy with how the trees on your property look but don’t want to attempt DIY tree maintenance, rely on the experts at Junior Loye Tree Services in Reidsville, NC.

Since 1970, we’ve been helping local residents and business owners maintain their property by providing exceptional tree pruning services. Fully licensed and insured, our experts take the greatest care to ensure your home or business is protected.


Our tree experts in Reidsville have the skills you need!

With more than 45 years of experience, exceptional customer care and quality tree removal services, you won’t regret your decision to call on the experts at Junior Loye Tree Services. We offer a variety of tree services for any residential or commercial need.

 When there is a tree that’s dangerously close to your house or blocking a Reidsville highway, rely on the removal professionals at Junior Loye Tree Services.

Our tree trimmers will come to your home or business, investigate your issue and walk you through the entire removal process so you can rest easy knowing your problem is being properly handled. Junior Loye Tree Services has the skills to remove trees regardless of where they’re located. We’ve even removed a tree in the middle of a deck without damaging the porch.
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